What Lessons Can You Learn From an 8 Year Old Learning How to Multiply?

October 31, 2008

I’m the victim of coercion and can’t do a dang thing about!

How is this possible, you may ask?

Well, sit down, get comfortable for a moment and I’ll explain my situation to you.

I’m being coerced by an 8 year old that has a hip-hop learning CD that she uses to practice her multiplication and I’m helpless to do anything about it! I can’t report her to anyone because no one will listen to me; not her mother, grandmother, teachers, local or federal law enforcement, etc.

No one will make her stop!

So, I’m literally being held hostage in my own car, forced to listen to that blasted CD for AT LEAST 25 minutes while driving her to school, depending on how good or bad traffic is that day!

Truth be told, it’s really not that bad. It has a catchy beat once you get used to it and she loves it.

And while watching her practice each morning, I started noticing a familiar behavior pattern that I didn’t expect to see in her at such an early age.

I noticed that she:

1. Carried the CD with her everywhere she goes so that she can practice.
2. Was very determined to play that CD and any answer other than “Yes, I’ll play the CD for you.” is unacceptable.
3. Doesn’t have to be told to practice, stares at the clock to see how much longer she has to keep practicing, or has to be convinced that practicing is good for her.
4. Doesn’t complain about the information being “too basic” for her (even her “1-sies and 2-sies’) and needs something more advanced.
5. Tries to do all the numbers from 1-12 when time permits and when it doesn’t, picks up right where she left off the next time.
6. Doesn’t quit because she gets something wrong, but keep practicing it until she gets it right.

And as I thought about how she’s approaching how to multiply at 8yrs old, it finally hit me like a brick in the forehead.

She’s has discovered the success key to reaching any goal that she sets in front of her to achieve at such a young age.

And as much as I’d like to take credit for all of it, I can’t because I realize it’s the environment (home, school, bjj classes, etc.) that have contributed to that mindset.

So, the next time I see her teacher and instructors, I’ll have to thank them for their role in creating a success mindset in my kid, maybe ask them to reveal their success secrets to me.

Next step, figure out a way to bottle it and sell it to grapplers!


Paul M. Greenhill, “The Wise Grappler”, is the creator of The Wise Grappler System and author of The Wise Grappler Ezine, a weekly ezine that provides grappling and mental mindset training tips for the older (over 35) and non-traditional/non-competitive martial artists. To learn more about “The Wise Grappler” and to sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit his site at www.thewisegrappler.com or contact The Wise Grappler.