“Success is Easy! Getting People to Shut Up, Listen, and Take Action is the Hard Part!”

January 30, 2009


I was in a bind.

For my first article of 2009, I kicked around a whole bunch of
training topics that I wanted to write about to set the New Year
off right. But so many topics popped up in my head, I didn’t which
one would be the best one to start with because they were all good

But then I thought back on a conversation that I had last week.

One day after training, I was sitting around talking with a couple
of my training partners and students and one of them asked me why
it takes so long to be successful in BJJ.

My response was that being successful in BJJ really isn’t hard; the
hard part is getting the students to shut up, listen, and do what
they’re told to do.

Of course, this caused a little stir among the group because they
thought I was suggesting that BJJ wasn’t physically and mentally
demanding or required lots of time and commitment on the mat. So,
once I assured them that wasn’t what I meant, I began to clarify my

Success in BJJ (or in life in general) really isn’t hard to
accomplish. If you want to become successful in any particular
area of your life, look for someone who has done what you’re trying
to do and model their behavior. That’s simple, right?

Right… well, kinda sorta!

The hard part comes when the individual’s ego gets in the way and
their reluctant to stop acting like a know-it-all, even when
they’re searching for help. All too often, people searching for
answers feel like the person they’re learning from has to be as
smart or as accomplished as they are to be believed as an expert.
And if the expert doesn’t meet their internal standards, learning
is hindered.

If the know-it-all could:

  • Admit that they are in need of help, even if they are the
    smartest person in the room
  • Find the humility to ask an expert for help
  • Shut up and listen to what the expert recommends they do
  • Do exactly what they were told to do by the expert instead of
    trying to find fault or challenge their knowledge
  • Get feedback to make sure they’re doing it right if the advice
    given isn’t bringing the desired results
  • Work hard
  • Repeat cycle as needed until goal is achieved

They would find that success would eventually find them because the
formula works, even if you have to repeat certain steps to work out
a few bugs.

Unfortunately, most people never get past the know-it-all stage
because they like to either hear themselves talk or do it “their
way.” Some would rather walk through unclear woods instead of
following a clear trail that’s assured to get them where they want
to go.

I guess success just isn’t for everyone. Does that include you?

OG uses his CRUSHING pressure to make opponents…

January 21, 2009

OG uses his CRUSHING pressure to make opponents grunt and gasp out of frustration under the weight of his 3 Points of Pressure (3PP) technique that he learned after attending the OG Clinic 2 back in October 2008 ( http://www.OGClinic2.com )!

Check it out…

Hi Paul,

I want to thank you for the clinic you held regarding your 3PP System.

I had a blast meeting you and the “wise-nation”. I have been doing very well implementing the 3PP since October.

My ability to hold down my opponents has increased beyond my expectations, especially the stronger guys and hyper-newbies. I find myself staying offensive rather than losing an advantageous position or even defending it…I just move on and continue to frustrate my opponents.

I love hearing them grunt and gasp out of frustration through the application of my weight using the 3PP.

One of the places I have been finding myself lately is my opponent turtle-ing up. That’s because they get exasperated from being controlled and get desperate, so they expose their back. No problem here though because I remember how you taught me to break down even the toughest of turtles.

And when I do…it’s back to the 3PP!

Sometimes, I even feel bad for my opponents…but it doesn’t really last long…because if these young punks had the chance they would pound me as well.

Wisest Regards,
Shawn B

Hey Shawn,

I’m glad that you came down to the 3PP OG Clinic and that you’re
able to put it to use when you got back to your school. I knew
those techniques would change your entire top game and your
testimonial is proof of it.

And the more you perfect it, the worse it will be for your opponents
as you walk them right into your submission techniques.

Keep up the great work and don’t stop pounding your opponents
through the mat!