OG (Mike Zenga) told me about some training tips

August 20, 2009

If you haven’t heard about this already, you might want to look at
this by clicking here.

Another OG (Mike Zenga) told me about some training tips he added to
his BJJ game that has made a major impact in his mat performance
while he was in Maryland for business and training during the

And just in case you don’t remember Mike, he sent me an testimonial
back in May after he won the 2009 NY Open BJJ Tournament this year
and I shared with the OG Nation.

(You can check out his testy and see him on the podium with his
teammates at http://thewisegrappler.com/special.html)

Now back to the story before I forget…

Anyway, we were talking about how most BJJers have crappy takedowns
and seem content with butt-scooting and guard-jumping. Mike talked
about how his training partner (a 2008 Olympic Judo Player) helped
him by showing him takedowns that fit perfectly with the BJJ
grappling game.

And since Mike is an OG like most of us, these are takedowns that
anyone can do, regardless of age.

Mike showed me what they’re doing and it’s pretty cool stuff for any
BJJer looking to stop the “butt-scoot” and “jumping guard” as their
only takedown.

Check it out and see for yourself.

Dedicated to improving your mat experience!

Paul Greenhill (aka The Wise Grappler)

Is Your Mat-titude Helping or Hurting Your Training

August 19, 2009

If someone asked you to rate your mat attitude (or “Mat-titude”) on
a scale from 1-5, what would your score be?

A score of 5 would mean that you’re so tough that Anderson Silva
would make an excuse to keep from training with you, while a score
of 1 would mean that you sit in the parking lot before and after
class; thinking of all the different ways you always get your butt
kicked on the mat!

If your score is less than a 4, your mat attitude sucks and needs

And if your “mat-titude” does need a little work (or a lot), don’t
feel too badly about it because every grappler has to deal with
this same problem at some point during their grappling journey.

A bad “Mat-titude” can show itself in the form of:

– Being afraid to make mistakes or try new things
– Being overly cautious while sparring
– Having no confidence in executing your techniques against
unwilling opponents
– Creating excuses for poor training (e.g. too old, fatigued, too
busy at work to train, burnout, etc.)
– Looking for “reasons” to put off or avoid training completely
(e.g. faking or exaggerating injuries, faking burnout, pretending
to lose interest in grappling, avoiding competition or tough
partners, etc.)

Your “Mat-titude” is crucial to your training progress because it’s
virtually impossible to perform at peak levels when so much crap is
floating around your head. In fact, the bad “Mat-titude” can be
so strong that it becomes very hard to enjoy grappling

When I think back to those early training days, my Mat-titude
issues were out of this world! On a 1-5 grading scale, I was a 0!

I would spend the car ride to class, the time in the locker room
changing, the time during class warm-ups, and the second right
before being paired up with a partner thinking about how I was
going to get my butt kicked on the mat and that’s usually what

The only way to deal with a bad “Mat-titude” is to first admit that
you have one and not feel like a punk because you admit to someone
(and to yourself) that you do. Denying it is a real sign of mental
weakness and makes defeating that “Mat-titude” impossible.

So, is your “Mat-titude” helping… or hurting your training?

It’s LIVE, Get It Now – 10 Common Mistakes & Mat Attitudes

August 7, 2009

Finally, the long awaited “10 Common Grappling Mistakes & Mat
Attitudes” Training Course is finally available.

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This discount will be available for six days because of my 45th
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On Tuesday August 10, 2009 at midnight, the discount will be taken away.

This is the world’s first and only complete training resource that
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Go get your hands on it now!

Dedicated to improving your mat experience!

Paul Greenhill (aka The Wise Grappler)

10 Common Grappling Mistakes & Mat Attitude Contest Winners are…

August 5, 2009

I told everyone that wrote a comment on my video blog they would
have a chance to win a free copy of my “10 Common Grappling Mistakes & Mat Attitudes” System.

To see who the winners are and what were the winning blog posts,
please click here

 Congrats to the winners, make sure that you email me your mailing
address so that I can get your training package to you.

And a very special thanks to everyone that submitted a comment, the
insight and kind words were very much appreciated!

Dedicated to improving your mat experience!

Paul Greenhill (aka The Wise Grappler)

P.S.  Don’t forget that the 10 Common Grappling Mistakes
& Mat Attitudes” goes live tomorrow at 2pm EST (August 6, 2009) for
a discounted price. Learn how to elevate your mat game to the next
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P.P.S.  For those OGs that joined the list after I sent out the
videos, here are the links:

Video #1 (Resting in the Wrong Position – Part 1)

Video #2 (30 Seconds to Glory)

Video #3 (Lazy Hands and Feet)

 Video #4 (Intimidation Mode)

P.P.P.S. Remember… enjoy the videos and make sure to share them
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