The “Missing Piece” to Your Grappling Puzzle

Last week, I was talking to a student after BJJ class. We were discussing various training topics before I started talking about the “Hammer and Nail” Principle that all grapplers need to learn and
accept for mat success.

And while we were talking about the H&NP, the student (who we’ll call Jim) started talking about his own challenges in that area and how he admitted to the fact that he thought all that “mindset stuff” for surviving tough mat situations was a bunch of crap.

Jim’s opinion was based on his own mat experiences, where he was getting twisted up on the mat like a pretzel and unable to stop it.

Then one day, Jim said that during a match, he just made up in his mind that he was NOT going to beaten to a pulp or be finished by his partner on that day.

And to Jim’s total amazement… his partner DID NOT finish him during their match!

If you could’ve seen Jim’s face while he was telling me the story, you could tell that he was happy and shocked at the outcome because he didn’t think it could be that easy.

“Yes”, I said, “it can be that easy because your body will do EXACTLY what your mind tells it to do and when to do it. If your mind says fight, your body will fight! And if your minds says quit, your body will quit!”

I then told him that if he could think back to some of those matches in the past where he was being beaten to a pulp, he would be able to see that the “missing piece” to his grappling was that his mind had accepted the reality of losing and told his body to give up fighting.

Immediately, Jim recognized that’s exactly what happened to him.

And as we continue our talk, I realized that he was on the right track, but needed some more “OG insight” on the topic.

That’s when I handed him a copy of my “OG Mental Mindset Package” off the shelf in my office and told him this was the “missing piece” to his grappling puzzle.

What about you? Are you taking countless “mat thrashings” on a regular basis because you’re mind is telling your body to “give up and quit” during matches?

If the answer is yes, don’t hesitate and go NOW by sprinting over to to find the “missing piece” to your grappling puzzle.

Dedicated to improving your mat experience!

One Response to The “Missing Piece” to Your Grappling Puzzle

  1. Great point to make! This is the mind and body connection that every martial artist should try to develop. I think though it can only be developed through lots of physical training and actually losing many times, knowing ones standards and also knowing that every opponent ever faced is simply human and can lose also.

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