Matt Burns, OG 4 Life is LIVE Now!

April 1, 2010

Today is the debut of OG Matt Burns and his monthly mat adventures.
I’ve been planning this for a while and I’m glad that it’s finally
ready to show to the OG Nation.

The debut strip covers Matt’s first days at his gym (Team
Neck-Breaker) and how he initially struggled until he got some help.

Check it out for yourself and please leave a comment on the blog
once you’ve read it.  Enjoy.

(Click on the thumbnail to see the comic. Press the Back button in your browser window and leave a comment.)

P.S.  I’m going to have a contest to come up with a permanent name
for the monthly strip besides Matt Burns, OG4Life.  The prize for
the best name will be one of my new “OG4Life” T-shirts (the black
one) and a guest appearance in one of the Matt Burns Strip.

I’ll need to get a pic of you and your height/weight to ensure that
we create a character close to your measurements, but you’ll be a
part of that storyline for the month.  So, if you have an idea of
what the strip should be called, email it to me.  I’ll announce the
contest winner next month (May 2010) and debut the new name with
the June 2010 strip.

Introducing Matt Burns, OG 4 Life!

April 1, 2010

Last week, I mentioned that I would introduce you to an OG (Matt Burns) that has had a few interesting training experiences that he would be willing to share with the OG Nation.

I’ll begin telling Matt’s story starting this Thursday (April 1),  but I wrote up a little of his background so that you can get an idea what to expect.

Click here to check him out.

Dedicated to improving your mat experience!

Paul Greenhill (aka The Wise Grappler)